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"I always wondered if I have missed reading anything from NCERT. Biohack and Inorganic Chemhack always surprised me with Questions from the least explored areas of NCERT. Hats off to all the hard work and time invested by Parth sir on his "gifts" to Aspirants.❤️"
AIR 451 in NEET 2021 (355/360 in Biology)
"I thank parth bhaiya for suggesting me biohack. It helped me to a large extent in remembering some crucial lines of ncert and also finding some lines which I would have not found just by reading which helped me boost my score."
Anushka Khare
AIR 525 in NEET 2021 (360/360 in Biology)
"I was not able to remember the facts of NCERT. Biohack helped me to get NCERT on my fingertips. It helped me to recall fast, which let me solve biology in just 20 min in NEET 2021 paper! I also got to know many hidden points of NCERT which generally I wouldn’t have discovered."
Arnav Kumar
AIR 1118 in NEET 2021 (355/360 in Biology)
"Biohack is the best possible method for revision. Biohack improved my score a lot, earlier I used to score 230-240, but after using Biohack I started scoring 330-340 in Biology. I regret I should have used chemhack also. "
Sahil Ahuja
AIR 1196 in NEET 2021 (360/360 in Biology)
"Parth Bhaiya telegram channel and biohacks are extremely useful…thank you for the hard work."
Josh Goyal
AIR 1408 in NEET 2021 (360/360 in Biology)
"The most ncert based material out there. Puts the total of 540 marks of bio and chem on a plate and hands it to you."
Sayed Abdul Mannan
AIR 1433 in NEET 2021 (355/360 in Biology)
"Parth Goyal through his magical hands simplified biology and chemistry into such a way that they can be learned easily. I was having problems remembering as the syllabus is vast and everything can’t be remembered, but the way he turned ncert into q/a is eternal!!! Best efforts and hard work done by him."
Kirat Pal SIngh Chawla
AIR 2157 in NEET 2021
"I scored 260/360 in 2nd attempt in bio but after using biohack during my 3rd attempt, I scored 360/360 in biology. I give all credit to the success of mine in biology to Biohack."
Ashutosh Anand
360/360 in NEET 2021 Biology (AIR 7896)

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