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I have always been a science lover. Science fascinates me as it tell how humankind is able to explain the intricate complexities of the word by modelling the physical problems into the problems of mathematics. It is just amazing to see and learn how scientist use their mind and tried to go into the deepest of everything. I was fascinated when I first learn about atoms, gravity, genetics etc. It was just like I wanted to know these things since childhood and somehow they came into the school curriculum  when I came to higher classes !!

During my preparation times, many a times I find it hard to get out of my table and go to sleep because a fascinating and challenging topic is going on in my textbook. I love science so much that I can give my whole day reading quantum mechanics and doing nothing else. My goal is to help people and research about something which no one has done before and dig to the deepest level of it to find something new and exciting !!

Teacher open the door, but you must enter by yourself

Chinese Proverb
My Journey

of Publishing Book

I struggled hard during my NEET/JEE preparation. I found that, I am forgetting things which I have learned so well. So, during this I invented the unique way of hacking my subjects. As I gone through same pain, you are facing, I thought to help you.

I worked hard day and night to bring these pieces of gem. I have to study my MBBS along with. But, for ardent desire of my followers and their cooperation, I could brought these books for you.

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My Storyline

Used to hate studies. Used to score between 60-70% in school exams. Called as an average student by teachers, Not even in Top 30 of the class.

Started liking science and maths a bit, but stand nowhere in front of the competition. Scored -4/360 in a scholarship exam of a reputed coaching institute.

Proved himself in academics by clearing NTSE in 10th and getting free scholarships of many big coaching institutes for NEET/JEE preparation.

Cleared NEET & JEE with Exceptional Ranks of AIR 223 (in NEET) & AIR 5364 (in JEE ADV.). Got admission in a reputated medical college i.e. GRMC Gwalior.

Started learning practical skills like effective communication etc. Built his 1st website on his own. Got Plant-Based Nutrition certificate for Cornell University. Opened a successful Youtube channel for mentoring NEET Aspirants.

Earning 5x more money than what medical student earn during their internships. Successfully running many different businesses. 

Hit 500k Subscribers on Youtube, Focused on Improving BIOHACK & CHEMHACK and building team for proper execution.

Have 5 full-time employee in his team, working to building a functioning office, Working further for the betterment of society and students.

Best selling books

BioHack 4th Ed. (English)

ChemHack 4th Ed. (English)

BIOHACK 4th Ed. (Hindi)